Traffic LawAvoid A Speeding Ticket In North Carolina By Utilizing This Little Known Secret!

December 30, 2011by rjshooklaw0

Folks, lately I have seen advertisements espousing this “little known secret” popping up all over the internet on sites such as Facebook. Usually you will see the words “Avoid a speeding ticket in North Carolina by utilizing this little known secret!” or “Learn the secret that North Carolina cops don’t want you to know!” Next to these advertisements you will see a photo of a cop with a radar gun or flashing police lights. These advertisements are a SCAM! There are no “little known secrets” to avoiding a speeding ticket. If there were, the secrets wouldn’t be so secret anymore. If you want to avoid a speeding ticket, my advice to you is simple. Don’t speed. If you do speed, and you get a traffic ticket, don’t “pay it off” without first talking to a lawyer. Most lawyer’s fees are very low when compared with the increased insurance rates that you will pay if you have a speeding conviction on your record. If you get a speeding ticket, you need help from an experienced attorney who can help you minimize the negative consequences of your mistake. If you get a ticket, call a lawyer.


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