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  • review rating 5  Here’s the situation. I got a speeding ticket. I reached out to Mr. Shook and asked for his help in the matter. He asked me some questions, I answered them truthfully. He made me a fair offer to drop the ticket to a lesser charge that would keep the infraction off of my insurance. A couple of weeks later the deed was done and I didn’t have to step foot in the court room. Easy, fast, painless and affordable. I hope to never need his services again, but I’ll recommend him to anyone else who does. He’s a five star man.

    thumb Stephen Costner

    review rating 5  Met with Mr. Shook to discuss a contract dispute between us and a contractor we hired. He heard the facts of the case and advised us on how to proceed. He took the time to understand what we were trying to accomplish and helped us make the best decision. Would highly recommend him for this type of case.

    thumb Matt Lauffer

  • review rating 5  This attorney was great. He explained the process in a way that made sense to me. Plus the consultation was FREE

    thumb creative zach

    review rating 5  I have used Mr. Shook on two different occasions and he never fails to exceed expectations. His communications skills are great and there was never a moment where I felt out of the loop. I will continue to highly recommend his law firm and their services. Once again, I have had a great experience and outcome. Never expected anything less! Thank you Street and Shook!

    thumb jeremy peters

  • review rating 5  This was my second time calling Ron and asking him to represent me. While you never expect to need a lawyer it’s invaluable to know a good one in a tough situation and Ron is absolutely one of the best ones. People are quick to refer you to a “brand name” lawyer (i.e. an old and widely recognized local name). On recommendation from several people I also considered using a celebrity law firm “because that’s who everyone uses” but after sitting on hold for over 10 minutes and then being pressed for an appointment by a harried admin over the phone I declined their offer to represent me. Fortunately I went with my gut, picked up the phone, and called Ron who had helped me out of my very first speeding ticket when I was still in college. Let me start by saying that Ron’s interpersonal skills are unparalleled, not only will he put you at ease but listen, and I mean really listen, to everything you have to say. He will take the time to answer your questions, he won’t make you feel rushed, and he won’t mislead you or over-promise on a single point. He has an old fashioned work ethic, the kind that puts his clients first even if it means staying way past closing hours from time to time in order to accommodate your schedule. If that’s still not enough to convince you then let me say that in the course of a year, I watched as several “brand name” lawyers forgot to show up to clients court dates, talked to their clients with a total lack of respect or empathy, or even had to refer to notes to remember their clients names or anything about them as an individual (which is important when your counsel is advocating to a judge on your behalf). Ron always kept me informed, updated me with new information pertinent to my case, and treated me with patience, respect, and kindness no matter the circumstances. The case was resolved in my favor and while I won’t divulge Ron’s approach or strategies here, suffice it to say that he shows up prepared to every trial and will fight for you over the long term if that’s what’s best even if it’s not whats easiest. If you’re still unsure whether the Law Offices of Ronald J. Shook are right for you then I highly recommend you take 5 minutes to give him a call because you’ll see what I’m talking about right away. There are a lot of skilled lawyers in the world and a lot of good people too but it’s rare to find someone like Ron who is equally as talented and knowledgeable as he is good hearted.

    thumb Marissa Andrade

    review rating 5  Ron and his staff are very professional and overall good people who will go above and beyond to help you in any way for your legal needs. I highly recommend!

    thumb amanda pierce

Ron is the best attorney in Gaston Co, NC. He knows how to go into the court room and get it done!

FACEBOOK REVIEWJerryandDebbie Oxford

Hands down, the best around!
I’d recommend Ronald Shook
for anything!

FACEBOOK REVIEWErika Nicole Rogers

Ronald J. Shook is an outstanding lawyer. He was extremely personable and showed genuine interest in my case … I would highly recommend him to anyone.


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