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Charged? Arrested? ICE Hold? Injured?

Whether you are facing criminal charges, are being investigated by ICE, or were injured in an accident, you are right to be concerned.

Taking matters such as these into your own hands can result in irreparable damage to your case such as losing your driving privileges, being deported, or losing your right to sue. You need a lawyer who can help you preserve your rights! Attorney Ronald J. Shook provides clients at our office with strong representation based on experience and familiarity with the court systems in Gaston, Mecklenburg, and the surrounding counties.


Traffic Offenses

Recently get a DWI or a Speeding Ticket?

In North Carolina, you may receive a traffic ticket for a range of violations, including Speeding, Reckless Driving, and DWI. Pleading guilty and “paying the ticket off” can result in increased insurance costs and points on your license.

Personal Injury

Were you injured in an Auto Accident?

If you were injured in an accident at work, at someone’s place of business, or in an auto accident, having a lawyer can help preserve your right to sue, help you to organize the evidence in your case, and help you present that evidence.

Drug Offenses

Charged with a Drug Possession?

If you were charged with a Drug Possession or Drug Trafficking offense, do not talk to the police. To avoid potential jail time and a conviction on your record, talk to an attorney now!


Are you being threatened with deportation?

If you are being threatened with deportation, facing immigration court alone can be a scary and confusing experience. Having a lawyer can help you to avoid imprisonment and deportation.

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